We have several tasks we can use your help with and are grateful to have you interested in helping Her Rights. Please visit the contact us page, and fill up as instructed with a mention of your interest area (would you like to help us create awareness materials? Would you love to review some of our publicity ideas and share a new way of doing things? Are you more into social media or is your interest in knowing more about our projects - current and upcoming and help in the project selection, support, or monitor? 

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Aware of a cause? Someone who needs our help? Is an organization doing amazing work? Please send us a note.

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We maintain full transparency and strive to donate 100% of your donated amount to our projects. Please remember to mention your interest area if you would like your donation towards a particular activity/project. We will be adding direct links to specific projects soon. If you would like to view our full audit yearly audit report and finances, please send us an email via the contact form and we will send you. Please send us an email using the contact us form if you are interested in donating. 

 If you are a victim, wish to report an incident, or are willing to participate in our Griveance Cell Based Model pilot, email us at herrights@herrights.web  

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