Acid attack: +88 01713010461


Medical hotline: +88 01711437939 

Sexual assault: 011-23370557

Stats & Facts

  • Gender-based violence is a human rights issue 

  • Acid attacks happen - 1500 attacks happening worldwide per year (Acid Survivors Trust International estimates) - 65% of victims are women.​

  • Of the attacks in India registered between 2010-2014 (most prior to 2013 went into grievous assault bucket in India) only 60% resulted in the filing of charge sheets  - 81% of the perpetrators were able to obtain bail, 49% are absconding

  • Acid Attack victims are maimed for life, socially isolated and ostracized and have to incur the average expense of 62 lakhs in Indian Rupees    

  • Government  compensation available is maximum of 3 lakh Indian Rupees and to obtain the same takes years even with the assistance of championing organizations

  • Indian Govt. crime statistics show a rape is reported every 21 min in India

  • Rape conviction rates in India have fallen alarmingly over years (44.3 percent in 1973, 37.7 percent in 1983, 26.9 percent in 2009, 26.6 percent in 2010 and 26.4 percent in 2011)