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  • Acid attack: +88 01713010461

  • Medical hotline: +88 01711437939 

  • Sexual assault: 011-23370557

  • Women In Distress (U.S.): 954-761-1133

  • Suicide Prevention (U.S.): 800-273-8255

  • Sexual Assault (U.S.): 800-656-4673

  • Domestic Violence (U.S.): 800-799-7233 or text 88788

Stats & Facts

  • Gender-based violence is a human rights issue 

  • Acid attacks happen - there are 1500 attacks worldwide per year (Acid Survivors Trust International estimates). 65% of victims are women.​

  • Of the attacks in India registered between 2010-2014 (most prior to 2013 went into the "grievous assault bucket" in India), only 60% resulted in the filing of charge sheets. 81% of the perpetrators were able to obtain bail; 49% are absconded.

  • Acid Attack victims are maimed for life, socially isolated and ostracized, and have to incur the average expense of 62 lakhs in Indian Rupees.    

  • Government  compensation is a maximum of 3 lakh Indian Rupees, and to obtain this pittance takes years, even with the assistance of championing organizations.

  • Indian government crime statistics indicate that a rape is reported every 21 minutes in India.

  • Rape conviction rates in India have fallen alarmingly over the years: 44.3% in 1973; 37.7% in 1983; 26.9% in 2009; 26.6% in 2010; and 26.4% in 2011.

A registered nonprofit committed to ending gender violence and facilitating social justice 

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