HerRights projects are aligned to three action items. We review, select and fund promising, high-impact projects presented by partner organizations, and when the need arises, pilot our own programs as well. 


Our Grievance Cell Based Model (GCBM) Projects offer help to victims and organizations who reach out to us with their stories, communicating an urgent need for help. GCBM projects are designed to offer anonymity to protect the victims and individuals involved. 

Resource facilitation, victim support and rehabilitation 


Prevention and Awareness


Support, proliferation & implementation of human rights through policy-level intervention

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Let's Talk Event

Let's Talk is a series of guided conversations exploring gender roles and their effect on gender equality. The first two segments were held in Phoenix Arizona on December 16th, 2017. 




  • Guria is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting child prostitution, second-generation prostitution, and sex trafficking in Northern India. The funds donated by HerRights contributed to the cost of helping them complete the second floor of their education and vocational training center in the Varanasi red light district.

  • ​​Anka Cooperative: Kickstarter

  • ASFI: Rehabilitation home for Acid Attack Survivors


Venture for HerRights

Imagining transformative technology - safety enhancement devices for women

Faces of Feminism photo by Aparajita Dutta

Faces of Feminism 
Sharing stories of women from different backgrounds who have not only framed their struggles into success, but inspire others to do so.
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Women Holding Hands

Let's Talk Event
Another series of guided conversations exploring gender roles, led by HerRights volunteers in partnership with New Leaf on October 6th, 2018. 

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Mesa Community College Awareness Talk
The Talk highlights top issues affecting women globally vs. the USA and a path to the solution 

Meet, Learn and Act Together 
An opportunity to form connection and act together for gender and social justice

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Awareness Handouts on Acid Attacks and Sexual Harassment

An initiative to provide concise and accurate information on acid attacks and sexual harassment to both victims and allies. The goal is to promote awareness and knowledge that will help all of us to fight back. 




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Let's Talk Event
Another series of guided conversations exploring gender roles, led by HerRights volunteers.

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Love in the Time of COVID
Fundraiser to benefit  women affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those facing unemployment and wage reduction.

Masks and Mobile Phones
Image by Jayesh Jalodara

Pandemic Impact on Women

How has the pandemic impacted women, and more so, women of color and those who live in poverty?

Meet. Learn and Act Together

Creating networks of women to support, mentor and inspire one another through challenging times, and  act together for gender and social justice.


Gender Rights Crisis in Afghanistan

We are deeply disturbed by the situation in Afghanistan because we believe that ‘injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.’ Especially when it comes to gender and other persecuted segments, the miles we have ahead of us are many, and any setback in any part of the world critically destabilizes progress made elsewhere. We therefore stand committed to assist in any and all ways, and are publishing here some resources as received from our partners.

A registered nonprofit committed to ending gender violence and facilitating social justice 

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