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100% of your donations go toward funding programs and projects such as those noted on this page. Thank you for supporting our efforts to help women throughout the world.

HerRights projects are aligned to three action items:

  1. We review, select and fund promising, high-impact projects presented by partner or sister organizations

  2. Where gaps exist, we pilot our own programs

  3. Our Grievance Cell Based Model (GCBM) projects offer help to victims and organizations who reach out to us with their stories, communicating an urgent need for support. GCBM projects are designed to offer anonymity to protect the victims and individuals involved. 

Resource facilitation, victim support
and rehabilitation 


Prevention and Awareness


Support, proliferation and implementation of human rights through policy-level intervention

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Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a series of guided conversations exploring gender roles and their effect on gender equality. The first two segments were held in Phoenix, Arizona on December 16th, 2017. 

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  • Guria is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting child prostitution and sex trafficking in Northern India through education and vocational training programs offered in the Varanasi red light district.

  • Anka Cooperative is a social enterprise created to empower Syrian women refugees ro achieve cultural integration and self-sufficiency. The program  teaches transferable skills and provides pathways to employment. 

  • ASFI  Acid Survivor Foundation India (ASFI) is one of the leading NGO’s in India for prevention of acid burn violence. As well, support services to acid survivors are provided through a network of chapters and partners.  

Faces of Feminism photo by Aparajita Dutta

Venture for HerRights

Venture for HerRights is a novel concept for women's wearable safety devices. It was formulated with minimum viable product design and a draft business plan, and published on HerRights platforms to serve as a seed to to inspire technology and business ideas that foster social justice. HerRights believes the world can be made better through the multiplier effect: inspire and support great ideas, which in-turn, inspire more. We hope to spark like minds to create similar proposals that can be developed as open source projects for vested entrepreneurs to adopt and launch.

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Women's Empowerment Summit 
As part of the Maricopa Community Colleges 2019 Women's Empowerment Summit, HerRights led this brainstorming session at Mesa Community College. The focus was on issues affecting women worldwide and here at home. Topics included female genital mutilation, acid attack and child marriage, among others. The goal was to voice a call to action of local champions for global issues, and to form action plans for holistic gender equality. The event was attended by more than 100 women including nonprofit leaders, governement employees, and students. 

Meet, Learn and Act Together
This HerRights event was held in Atta Galata, Bangalore, India to discuss women's rights, issues affecting women post-MeToo, and opportunities of collaborations between Indian and U.S. nonprofits focused on gender. The event was attended by prominent Bangalore nonprofits including Buzz Women, Child Free India, Noor Health, and Citizens for Bengaluru. Leaders connected on issues like women's health, tribal and economically marginalized women, and discrimination against childless wome. Two collaborations for further action formed as a result of the meeting.

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Awareness Handouts on Acid Attacks and Sexual Harassment

An initiative to provide concise and accurate information on acid attacks and sexual harassment to both victims and allies. The goal is to promote awareness and knowledge that will help all of us to fight back. 




Masks and Mobile Phones

Gender Rights Crisis in Afghanistan
Since the exit of the United States from Afghanistan, women and LGBTQ communities have been abruptly placed in high risk situations. Most are facing a loss of freedom and access to work; many are in danger of losing their lives. As an immediate intervention, HerRights partnered with Afghan American activist, Nemat Sadat (Roshaniya, Behesht Collective) to help get high risk individuals out of the country. Roshaniya and Behesht continue to assist rescued LGBTQ individuals and those in distress by raising funds, organizing escape flights and asylum, and driving awareness on attacks and criminal persecution in Afghanistan against women and LGBTQ individuals. Between August and early September 2021, 253 individuals were assisted with evacuation and asylum-seeking in various countries including Pakistan, the UK and Uganda.

A registered nonprofit committed to ending gender violence and facilitating social justice 

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