Our projects are aligned to our three action items. For all three action items, we select and fund veritable and high impact projects of our partner organizations and pilot our own programs. 


Our Grievance Cell Based Model Projects are free form overlapping across all action items as applicable. In this series, we offer help to victims or organizations reaching out to us with their stories and help needed. In GCBM projects, we offer anonymity to protect the victims and individuals involved. Our join us page will publish more on GCBM soon. 

Resource facilitation, victim support and rehabilitation 

Prevention and Awareness

Support, proliferation & implementation of human rights through policy-level intervention

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    Let's Talk Event 2017 

    Let's talk is a series of guided conversations exploring gender roles and their effect on gender equality. First two segments were held in Phoenix Arizona, the USA on December 16th, 2017. 



    Guria is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to fighting child prostitution, second-generation prostitution, and sex trafficking in Northern India.

    The funds donated by HerRights contributed to the cost of helping them complete the second floor of their education cum vocational training center in the Varanasi red light area.

    Anka Cooperative: Kickstarter


    ASFI: Rehabilitation home for Acid Attack Survivors


    Resources, helplines, laws

Let's Talk Event 2018

Another series of guided conversations exploring gender roles were led by our volunteers in partnership with New Leaf on October 6th, 2018. 

Faces of Feminism 

We share stories of women from different backgrounds who have not only framed their struggles into success but inspires many to do so. To know more such programs visit Food For Thought

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Messa Community College Awareness Talk

The Talk highlights top issues affecting women globally vs. the USA and a path to the solution 

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Meet, Learn and Act Together 

An opportunity to form connection and act together for gender and social justice


Knowledge is Power

Awareness One-Pagers on Sexual Harassment & Acid Attacks

Our new initiative to get one-pager information for acid attack and sexual harassment victims which can help them to gain awareness and knowledge to fight back. 

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back"

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